22nd May 201419:19
Love a bit of facade retention in the evensong
22nd May 201415:48
22nd May 201415:48
22nd May 201415:473 notes
Some chalky new additions
18th Jan 201404:44
26th Dec 201317:062 notes
Credit Julian Cox 2013
8th Dec 201304:062 notes
7th Dec 201310:42
7th Dec 201310:42
Office features
5th Dec 201316:061 note
New job starts today
28th Nov 201300:32
Clarity / nostalgia in Arctic Russia (credit unknown)
27th Nov 201312:27
Airing the contents of the cellar
18th Nov 201316:15
late night testing
11th Nov 201319:03
Interesting project in the pipeline…
28th Oct 201307:36
Opaque  by  andbamnan